The Milestone Group Case Study

Order Ahead, Order to Table, Pay at Table, Promotions & Vouchers

Award winning Milestone Group, that also includes the largest food hall in the North of England has launched the full capability of the LOKE platform including the ability for customers to pay with their phone, order directly to their table, click and collect whilst rewarding customers with a personalised experience. The results are outstanding:

  • 16% increase in revenue

  • 53% increase in average spend via the app vs a face to face transaction

  • 22,000+ registered users

  • 18,000+ number of transactions per month

National Australia Bank Case Study

Order Ahead, Promotions & Vouchers

Key Objectives:

  • New channel for sales

  • Reduce staff costs

  • Streamline the order process

  • Reduce que times

  • Increase productivity

Results (Independent Case Study By NAB)

National Australia Bank (NAB) partnered with LOKE to build and support the NAB Dash app. The NAB Dash app is developed to provide brick and mortar merchants the tools to better engage with customers. The app was launched at Metricon Stadium across multiple venues allowing fans to purchase food and beverage from their seats using the NAB Dash app, the order was not processed until the customer reached a certain trigger point using beacon technology. Some key stats:

  • Consistently served 3 customers in the same time 1 customer was served at the normal till (excludes line up time for normal line)

  • Fastest service: 4 seconds (Fastest service at normal bar was 53 seconds)

  • Average spend: $20 p/p (1.65 increased average spend per customer)


Gelato Messina Case Study

In Store Payments & Loyalty

Gelato Messina (17 sites) one of Australia’s iconic national brands launched with LOKE’s fully integrated in-store payment, social engagement and loyalty app branded ‘Gelato Messina’. The results speak for themself.


  • 1,000 credit card registrations per hour in the first 2 days

  • Reached number 2 on the app store for most downloaded app

  • Trending/viral online

  • Achieved 20 publications with international exposure

  • Increased average transaction spend by 65%

  • 74% retention rate

  • Customer feedback 'Is this a gift from God?!'