Australian Venue Co. launches their new loyalty app

Australian Venue Co. launches their new loyalty app

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The Australian Venue Co. team recognises the importance of rewarding loyal customers and what better way to do so than with a simple app. By downloading just the one Australian Venue Co. app, gains you easy access to all their venues and unlock specific specials to each of them. The app is easy to navigate, specific to each venue and completely safe. With a $10 free welcome credit all you need to do is add your email and your rewards journey has already begun. Going out for drinks is risky no longer, with the app you can pay in store with just your phone, no cash, no ATM lines and no lost cards!

With over 30 venues across Western Australia, Victoria and Queensland, The Australian Venue Co. app caters for everyone. The new app is packed with exclusive features only accessible by app users including; 

  • Exclusive offers at each venue
  • Facebook check ins to earn points
  • Pay your bill with easy mobile bill payments
  • Earn points for all purchases made through the app
  • Redeem points for all Australian Venue Co. vouchers
  • Be the first to know about news and events

Mobile loyalty is a significant tool in a growing business. It plays a vital role in customer engagement and experience all whilst gathering important data on the customers for company use, such as finding customer frequency and spend per visit. With this information AVC can improve and compare marketing communications from venue to venue tailoring specific campaigns that work best in that area and are most appealing to the individual venues clientele. This will further develop customer experience and satisfaction.

The app also aids business growth by showing customers that it’s worth going back to the venue, boots reputation and brand awareness, increases sales by using enticing rewards, strengthens customer positive experiences and targets new customers.