Good George Brewing's new app is something to talk about!

Good George Brewing's new app is something to talk about!


The crew down at Good George Brewing may come across as a couple of easy going lads but there’s nothing easy going about them when it comes to their brews. With their business steadily growing, Good George Brewing needed a tool that would help them reward their customers and increase spend per visit, their souloution was an app!

With 7 of their own venues the brewing company, located in New Zealand, were needing an app that could go above and beyond just a standard order on your phone method. With other bars and bottle shops stocking their brews and an online shop selling both beers and merch, together we were able to help create an app to cater to all their selling and customer needs.

With surprises, offers, discounts, competitions, incentive programs and the ability to pay with their phones, Good George Brewing customers can order a beer and be rewarded for it in just a few taps. 

The best part about the app is while Good George Brewing is rewarding and thanking valued loyal customers, it's gathering crucial data about how much time and money customers are spending in your stores to help the business grow. For Good George Brewing, with the use of the app they can determine which aspects of their business are thriving and which areas they may need to improve or push.