Soul Burger takes burgers to a whole new level with their loyalty app

Soul Burger takes burgers to a whole new level with their loyalty app


Pay with your phone, earn points and redeem exclusive members deals. Seems too good to be true, but the plant-based burger chain Soul Burger has found a way! On top of their already incredible revolutionary way of business, they’ve created an app to keep up with their ahead of its time burger sensations.


With such a strong philosophy around sharing who they are, what they do and how much good can come from it, the app has been able to aid Soul Burger with their customer loyalty, enhance the customer experience, minimise wait times, gather insightful data, assist marketing campaigns and spread their message of plant based power!

So how does it all work?
Download the app, skip the line and order through the app, pay via the app, pick up your food and take it home or dine in and enjoy the energetic atmosphere.
With mobile payment support, you can purchase exclusive in-app offers and pay in-store using your phone. It’s safe secure and simple! The new app is designed to reward customers for their loyalty allowing them to earn points on every dollar spent! Customers can then save up their points to redeem things like discounts and exclusive prizes like their SoulB Coconut Gelato and ‘Hard Core Herbivore’ tee’s.

Click Here to download the Soul Burger app