Zeus Street Greek gets a new app!

Zeus Street Greek gets a new app!

With such a strong philosophy around sharing their favourite family recipes and serving joy to all their customers, Zeus found it a logical step to create an app for their great customers to enhance the experience through offering exclusive offers, minimising wait times and rewarding their loyalty.

With a strong philosophy and desire to take the experience of Greek street food and turn it up a few notches, Zeus Street Greek has now grown to 20 stores and for good reason, the food is simple Greek fair at its best; fresh and full of flavour.

What makes Zeus particularly great is the importance they place on the customer experience and demonstrate filoxenia, that is, showing hospitality, generosity and friendship to any guest. With these values shaping the way they do business, creating an app was was the next logical step for the growing business allowing their customers to:

Zeus Street Greek app
  • Earn Zeus points on all purchases: earn 1 Zeus point for every $1 spent. Points can then be spent on a bespoke range of special offers or redeemed for go-to Zeus menu items

  • Skip the queue: order ahead for take away orders

  • Order delivery: use the app to order delivery whenever those Zeus feast cravings strike

  • Get the VIP treatment: be the first to know about exclusive offers or in store news such as new menu items, money can’t buy experiences and bespoke rewards.


The best part about the app is that while emphasises their family values and rewards customers for their loyalty, it allows Zeus Street Greek to collect important data on their customers and allows for things like campaign ROI capabilities, push notifications, Facebook integration, location services for marketing, market segmentation, targeted campaign capabilities and reporting capabilities.


Click here to try the Zeus Street Greek app