Nandos mobile loyalty app

Nandos mobile loyalty app

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Nando’s knows that customer service and food were key ingredients for retail until technology changed everything, with Domino’s CEO Patrick Doyle even declaring; “We are as much a tech company as we are a pizza company.”

Introducing Nando’s new mobile application for their PERI-perks loyalty program, developed by Melbourne based tech company, LOKE. With LOKE’s technology, Nando’s will receive improved customer data, increased efficiency in making and selling food, reduced labour costs and maximised returns.

SInce implementing a mobile loyalty application, Nando’s have seen an average spend increase of 42%, and customers visiting their stores three times more frequently.

Nando’s Brand Manager Dan Bruce said mobile loyalty is the company’s best tool to achieving maximum customer spend, and using a third party platform will bring even further returns. Bruce explains:

“It seemed logical in the first instance to build our own app so we would own the intellectual property -  a potential asset. However what became apparent quickly is that we were limited in innovation, scalability and stability of our technology. We just didn’t have the necessary tech understanding, resources or time to keep the app running smoothly and at the speed of development we required.”

“We can highly recommend leveraging a company like LOKE that has already invested millions and does so annually. We now have a team behind us wholly focused on innovation, maintenance and the latest trends that we can leverage and a fraction of the price.”

“The next phase for us is to launch new features to improve the customer experience, like letting customers order ahead from their phone, and manage their payments all from within the app.”

Matthew Khoury, Managing Director and Founder of LOKE adds: “When it comes to tech investment, the biggest problem for retailers is their limited understanding of the complexity of the market and the number of software engineers required to keep their product running.”

“Companies like Starbucks are investing hundreds of millions of dollars annually to ensure that their technology is running successfully, with over a thousand tech employees in their Seattle office. And at Domino’s headquarters, 400 of their 800 staff work in software and analytics.”

“There are so many moving parts when it comes to mobile loyalty apps, and they require a large team to constantly monitor, analyse, rectify, and develop. The initial build of the app is the easy part; making it always work and to scale is the art. This can only be perfected with experience.”


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