Pablo and Rusty’s launch their new loyalty app

Pablo and Rusty’s launch their new loyalty app


Pablo and Rusty’s is a small batch specialty coffee roaster based in Sydney that operates from multiple sites, sells coffee wholesale and has an online store. With the coffee industry forever expanding, Pablo and Rusty’s wanted to figure out a way they could embrace technology to grow their business and enhance the experiences of their customers through minimising waiting times and rewarding their loyalty - they decided an app would be the best way to achieve this.

The Pablo and Rusty’s app allows customers to attach their preferred payment method and walk into the store without needing to pull out their wallet to pay for a coffee. This is all done while gaining points they can save up to redeem free coffees, credit vouchers, items and private experiences like coffee making courses. The app has also proved to be a great communication tool for the business allowing them to connect and communicate with their customers things like exclusive offers and partner cafes.

With wholesale coffee being such a large component of the small batch specialty coffee roasters, Pablo and Rusty’s didn’t want to leave out their important wholesale customers - this led them to offer the same rewards system but on a larger scale allowing them to reward cafes with more coffee and incentives them to keep using Pablo and Rusty’s beans!

With an ever changing landscape, for Pablo and Rusty’s, the use of an app they can easily manage and use to gather data has allowed them to build their business through minimising wait times, using data to create more effective methods of communication and taken the hassle out of managing the old and outdated ‘card based’ loyalty system.