Chargrill Charlie’s Launches their new app!

Chargrill Charlie’s Launches their new app!

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Chargrill Charlie's is a great example of a traditional hospitality business embracing new technology. With 10 sites, fans of the chicken specialists can now visit and make a purchase without needing their wallets!

One of the best parts about Chargrill Charlie’s is their homely service, it certainly sets them apart from the rest. Although their staff are delightful, the real hero of Chargrill Charlie’s is their food. From their famous chickens, roasts, salads and vegetables, to the ever-changing range of gourmet restaurant-quality casseroles, curries, stews, soups, homemade sauces, yummy desserts and their iconic health bread. They pride themselves on using only the best quality ingredients and all their food is home cooked, Just like mum makes it!

Given that they have such a loyal following, it was an easy decision for Chargrill Charlie’s to create an app that rewards these loyal customers. When a customer reaches a store, the app with automatically select that stores location and customers will simple order as per usual, select ‘I’m paying with the app” the rest is taken care of. Customers receive 10 points for every dollar they spend. As customers accumulate points, they can use their points to redeem prizes, free menu items or credit to spend in stores.

While the new app has lots of great benefits for their customers, it has even better benefits for the business itself. It drives loyalty and gives customers incentivesfor repeat business, it minimises lines allowing for a better customer experience and most importantly, it gathers great data that allows them to tailor more effective marketing campaigns that are adapted to individual customers based on their buying habits.

Click here to download the app!