Industry Bean's Launches new loyalty app!

Industry Bean's Launches new loyalty app!

For some time, coffee roasters, Industry Beans were thinking about joining some sort of loyalty system but couldn’t really find anything that suited them. Being a roastery, café and wholesaler they needed something flexible, inviting and that represented them - thus the Industry Beans app was born.

By working with LOKE, the coffee philosophers were able to create an app that enhances customer service, loyalty and creates a more personalised experience suited to individuals and their needs.

The loyalty system allows you to earn points with any purchase made over the app earning 10 points for every dollar spent. It then converts those points to $5 credits which automatically deduct from your next purchase made through the app.

The app has really taken customers lifestyle into account with a feature allowing you to order ahead or pay in store with no order too small to earn points, allowing for those busy mornings. No waiting in line, just order ahead, grab and go – it’s that easy! Industry beans is always striving to provide the best experience, by keeping things simple so customers can focus on what’s really important.

The app truly provides a win win situation. Not only are there multiple benefits for consumers but for the company as well. The app maximises productivity, minimises lines and motivates loyalty all while gathering data around visit frequency, spend per visit and what aspects of the company people are spending money on. This information improves is then used to create insightful marketing campaigns, communications and to push notifications to market segments to further enhance the customers experience.

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