Loyal buying behaviour!

Loyal buying behaviour!

London’s experimental organic ice cream maker Ruby Violet offers flavours that include premium ingredients, such as pistachios or alcohol - this North London based ice cream parlour is an eccentric find.

Pay with your phone, earn points, and redeem exclusive member deals with the Ruby Violet app. A customer loyalty and rewards program that is long-term and captivates your customers with incentives to have them come back, which will motivate customers to return often -this demonstrates loyal buying behaviour.


LOKE’s successful loyalty and rewards program is able to see a direct return on investment from using the white-label technology developed out of Melbourne, Australia. Ruby Violet wanted to capitalise their business by enhancing customer experience. A loyalty and rewards program is important for business success, that is because they are becoming increasingly popular. Loyalty and reward programs captivate current customers to remain engaged and spend more money at your business.

Many merchants try to captivate new customers but what really works is engaging with your current customers through our loyalty and rewards program which costs less for your business in the future.

Written by Sonita Asahak