Can a loyalty program be win-win?

Can a loyalty program be win-win?

LOKE’s loyalty app is changing the game across England by solving the age old issue faced by the hospitality and retail sectors… How do I spend my marketing budget effectively? The white-label technology developed specifically for  these merchants provides a clear measure of return on investment by offering a link between in-store payments and ordering to loyalty and a host of other clever marketing features.


LOKE is delighted to welcome the northern England based Brazilian restaurant Estabulo Rodizio Bar & Grill to the family.  With six restaurants in the UK, Estabulo is a perfect example of a restaurant that wanted a loyalty program that offered more than a traditional card based system.

Estabulo is an all-you-can-eat buffet with a dedicated gaúchos menu that celebrates the traditional cooking structures of the South American horsemen. It offers charred, succulent and flavoursome cuts of meat, which are cooked over an open fire and skewered, then cut directly onto your plate which is what will captivate many consumers to join the Estabulo loyalty program.

By using the Estabulo mobile app customers will also be able to book a table and swap points for credit which can the be spent in store on anything from the menu. Loyalty customers will also gain access to exclusive grill flavours to enhance the benifits of the consumer experience.  

In exchange for these benefits Estabulo will start to learn more about their customers and will be able to tailor the marketing campaigns to be more effective, more direct and provide a greater return to the business. It is win-win.  

Written by Sonita Asahak