Local startup partners with NAB to end waiting in line

Local startup partners with NAB to end waiting in line

Melbourne startup, LOKE, are pleased to announce their collaboration with NAB to revolutionise food and beverages ordering at the footy, without the hassle of waiting in line.

Nab Dash app

“Footy fans don’t want to go to the game and spend their time lining up for food and drinks, which is why we’re giving them a way to skip the queue,” says NAB CEO Andrew Thorburn.

NAB Labs, the bank’s innovation hub, engaged LOKE to build a world first digital wallet and ordering service, NAB Dash. Using LOKE’s mobile payment experience and partnerships with tech providers AirService and Bluedot Innovation, the app is the result of collaboration between traditional big business and young agile startups.

Nab Dash

NAB Dash has already begun pilot testing at Queensland’s Metricon Stadium, allowing Gold Coast Suns supporters to order and pay for beverages from their seat. Using precise location and beacon technology, the app alerts the bar of the order once a NAB Dash customer approaches. No warm beers – but more importantly, no fan misses a second of the footy action!

To date, two successful pilot events have been completed at Metricon Stadium, with the third to take place this Saturday 7 May. NAB and LOKE, along with Gold Coast Suns are already in discussions about future plans to make NAB Dash available at every home game throughout this AFL season.

“We're excited to be part of NAB's innovation strategy (NAB Labs). Combining our technology with the bank’s brand and reach is an opportunity to create something special,” says co-founder Matt Khoury.

Fuss-free mobile payments. Just the way LOKE and NAB like it.