Boogiespot Chapter 1: An accidental introduction to customer engagement & loyalty

Boogiespot Chapter 1: An accidental introduction to customer engagement & loyalty


When LOKE was founded some five years ago its initial purpose was as a supplier of Internet marketing services to small businesses, focusing primarily on search. The idea was simple, to help businesses connect with potential customers online. However, as the business progressed, and we specialised in the hospitality industry we quickly learnt that our clients, due to the way their businesses worked, would be far better served by connecting with their customers via their mobile phones. When we were trying to figure out how we could engage with our clients’ customers via their mobile phone two things came to mind, apps, of course, and social.

It is important to note that neither myself or my co-founder had any background in mobile technologyloyaltycustomer engagement etc. We both spent many years working in and managing hospitality businesses and following University I spent some time working in Internet marketing, hence LOKE’s initial incarnation, but we did not start out with any professional experience in the field in which we now specialise. That being said, what we did understand extremely well, things that were innate to us both, were the concept of customer loyalty (we always took care of our regulars) and the concept of promotion (in many ways we had worked as promoters for the businesses we were involved in).

The result of our insight into what our clients wanted combined with our understanding of how to get engaged with patrons of hospitality businesses was the creation of Boogiespot (ultimately the 1st generation of what is now known as Tidy). And it all started with a simple sketch as can be seen above.

Boogiespot was a tremendous success on all fronts, for both our business and for the businesses of our clients. But it was also extremely successful from the perspective of our users. The feedback we have received over the years from our users has been overwhelmingly positive. People simply enjoyed “the app”, in whatever branding they found it in, whether it was their favourite nightclub or their local pub. Our product made engaging with our clients’ brands fun, interactive and ultimately rewarding.

The primary feature that drove significant customer engagement was undoubtedly the rewards function. Users were rewarded for a variety of actions that promoted our clients’ businesses to their friends throughout their social network, which they ultimately undertook in the millions, which resulted in nearly one million individual reward redemptions, a tremendous figure considering the basket of small businesses that we were providing the technology to. This made our value proposition to our clients clear: with our technology your customers promote your business to their friends through your own branded mobile applications. When your customer brings more people into your business, increasing your turnover and patronage, they are rewarded. Simple.

It was only once we had achieved so much that we realised what we had actually built — a business tool that drove customer retention on the one hand whilst drove customer acquisition on the other. We had accidentally discovered the fields of mobile customer engagement and digital loyalty. We have come a long way since then, our platform is into its 3rd generation and we have made mobile payments, not just social engagement, a cornerstone of our technology. Yet ultimately our mission remains the same; to get more customers for our clients and to maximise their value.